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4+ age/ Picture Book

Strange enough, here they call the ones who dream ticklish dreams ‘Pistachio’. That’s why her name is Pistachio and her biggest dream is to see the magical rainbow up close. She will travel there even though no one believes that she will make it. Because the fact that others don’t believe in your dreams doesn’t mean that they will not come true.


This is the story of the ones who believe in themselves and go all lengths to achieve them no matter what others say. Because changing the world means having the courage to follow your dreams. 

Theme: our dreams can lead us to great explorations
Concepts: Colors, friendship, believing in yourself, being different


8+ age/ fantastic

People can fly if they want to or windows can sing, or the little ones can change the world like the elder ones, and the dreams can turn into reality. This story tells all this and maybe a little more. Moti is a lonely twelve years old boy. Everything changes after he meets with the magical animals.

Theme: Anything is possible in life, if you believe
Concepts: Different Point of Views, Discovery, Identity, Handle with social pressure



Adult/ Reference

The experiences of a funny mother and the advices of a specialist doctor. You have never read such a pregnancy book!

Theme: Pregnancy period is fun.

Book no.1
Book no.2
Book no.3
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